Facility Concepts is a company that is committed to environmental responsibility. We accomplish this by recycling, reclaiming and reusing raw materials along with carefully selecting our packaging. Recently we were able to make a major contribution to this effort by installing a new machine that fabricates our cardboard packaging on a per-product basis. With the wide variety of product sizes manufactured by FCI, it can be difficult to use standard-size cartons. This new carton machine allows us to have an internal packaging system that suits the needs of each product individually.

By using a precision machine that allows Facility Concepts to create “on demand” custom-size packaging in an automated manner, we are able to reduce waste and save time in our packaging dept.

Regarding the machine, FCI’s chief operating officer, Don Mize, remarked:

“Since we regularly produce custom furniture pieces this machine is perfect for our facility. We can now create a custom package for virtually anything we manufacture. This helps to keep products safe and secure during shipment and allows us to better maximize trucking space which lowers shipping costs for our customers.”

The machines configuration allows up to eight different fanfold widths and corrugated types, and automatically selects the right board width for each box design. The dual-robot setup configuration and trim conveyor creates cartons with maximum productivity and efficiency.  Our Engineers create the packaging program as they are engineering the product, then the internal packaging system allows our shipping department to scan the bar code on the product and the machine creates the perfect carton, eliminating waste. This also allows us to increase our efficiency since the packaging is often created at the same time the product is being made.

This is just another way that FCI is taking advantage of technology to reduce waste and lower costs. If we can help you with your commercial furniture needs please do not hesitate to give us a call.