FCI has been our most consistent and reliable millwork partner, fostering a great working relationship with both the KFCC design team and the franchisees. In addition to supporting our standard new builds and remodels with on time service and quality products, they have also been able to jump in on custom and flagship projects, providing thoughtful solutions that meet our (often tight} budget and timelines.  The same is true when we had a failure with one of our chair suppliers – we needed another and they worked through many design reviews in order to match our design and meet our needs of having a second supplier, often driving full size samples from Indy to our offices, only to get the feedback we needed another round of work on the design. They never complained, just worked hard until we got it right.

FCl’s support of the American Showman program has been instrumental to the successful implementation of this new image, moving our brand forward! Thanks for your support and partnership and we honor you with the 2019 KFC STAR Award in Assets category.