One of the first places that customers and clients see in your business is the public spaces. For many it might be a small reception area. Other establishments, like malls, have larger communal areas that may serve multiple functions. Regardless of how they’re used, a public space makeover is a great way to transform the look of your business.

Sometimes these renovations are done on a grand scale. Officials in Lodz, Poland retrofitted an old factory into a grand public space using repurposed materials. While these large-scale projects are great, small renovation projects can help to keep your business fresh and interesting; something as simple as updating the lounge furniture in your public spaces can help invigorate your business. That’s where Facility Concepts can help.

We offer a wide array of lounge furnishings that provide stylish comfort for your customers and clients. Some of our contemporary offerings, such as our Vita Series, are multi-piece furnishing sets that combine comfort with modern amenities. The Vita Series is customizable with different upholstery and finish options to match your tastes. It provides the utility of optional integrated USB/charging outlets for the convenience of your customers.

We also have several child-friendly options such as our creative Hip2BSquare Set. This fun and funky creation comes in multiple shapes that can fit together to form a variety of configurations. Additionally, our Lynx, Woodsy, and Bookworm Sets can be arranged into many different shapes. We also offer a wide array of upholstery options to choose from.

These solutions are just a small sample of what Facility Concepts can provide to enhance the areas of your business that customers see the most. For more information on how FCI can help update and upgrade your public spaces, send us an email or give us a call!