Inside Designer's Corner

Pyramid Chair Concept

This concept design is something we’re calling the pyramid chair. It’s assembled from a durable metal frame with an upholstered back and arms along with an inverted, truncated pyramid-shaped upholstered seat set into the frame. What do you think?


Modular Tri-Bench Lounge Concept

This is an interesting public space lounge concept in the works, a bench that can be used to form an intimate seating area in 2 configurations. We think its great way of breaking up a larger space into smaller seating groups. What about you? Let us know with a thumbs-up if you’d like to see […]


River Pebble-Inspired Table

This interesting community table concept features river pebble-inspired cutouts along its powder-coated metal top and waterfall sides that adds a compelling visual element to the table design itself and also creates striking shadow patterns. What do you think, thumbs up or thumbs down?

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Laser-Cut Seat Concepts

These chair and stool concepts are based on the reinforcing laser-cut metal inside of the wooden structure design, in a variety of chair and stool styles with our formed-plywood seats. We really like the look of the wood and metal combination, do you?


Laser-Cut Stool Concept

Here’s a stool design we are playing around with. It consists of a laser-cut metal inner support structure married to a reinforcing outer wood assembly. The metal and wood together provide a strong and visually interesting structure for the stool. What do you think?


Children’s Desks with Integrated Chairs Concept

This conceptual design integrated a chair with a child’s desk. The triangular shape allows for the desks to be assembled into a variety of arrangements to suit the space and needs of the classroom. We think this is an interesting and fun take on a child’s desk, what do you think?


Young Children’s Classroom Concept

Here’s a classroom concept we’ve been working on for a client. It features panels with whiteboards integrated into geometric shapes, along with storage cubbies, and hexagonal seats made from stiff foam that can be put away into matching recessed wall panels. We think this is a great combination of fun and function for a learning […]


Stylish Metal & Plywood Chair Concept

This is a stylish, contemporary chair design we’re thinking about. The design features a durable, powder-coated metal back with a formed plywood seat and front. Like it? Don’t like it? Let us know, either way.


Modern Bench Concept

We’re playing around with this idea for a modern, modular bench, featuring a contemporary design. We think it would look great utilized in public space installations like malls or office building lobbies. What do you think?


Industrial-Styled Community Table Concept

Here is a community table concept under development here at FCI. The industrial-inspired base is paired with a reclaimed wooden top for an interesting vintage mechanical-styled table. What are your thoughts? Give us a thumbs-up if you like this concept.


Wave-Inspired Public Space Lounge Seating Concept

Here are some variations on a wave-inspired lounge seating concept we are working on. We think it would be a great option for public spaces, but what do you think? Give us a thumbs-up if you think it’s something we should work up into a prototype.